Osijek, Croatia

Osijek, Croatia (rural)

In the region of Osijek, the implementation of e-car sharing and bike & e-bike sharing schemes are currently in progress and a DRT (demand-responsive service) is currently under development. These new services will be fully operational and integrated into public transport scheme, thereby providing a unified experience for public transport users and giving choice for its users.

Partners involved: DYVOLVE (demo leader), GPP, FIT

The aims of this demo will be:


To test and demonstrate S2R IP4 functionalities by connecting different current back-end systems and providing added value to public transport users;

To test and demonstrate Journey planning, My trips, and Navigation and Location Based services with current services and new services currently in implementation (e-car sharing and bike & e-bike sharing schemes);

To utilise potential new functionalities for unified ticketing with railway passenger operator systems;

To explore business analytics across different public transport services portfolio.

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