Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain (urban)

The demo site of Barcelona includes urban and sub-urban areas; the metropolitan area of Barcelona, medium sized cities close to Barcelona such as Matarò, Sabadell and Terrassa, and residential areas like Canet or Arenys. The objective of the demo is to optimise, through the IP4 ecosystem, the use of multi-modal travel by reducing the number of vehicles and by providing communication between the homes of different people who travel to different destinations but share modes along their trips.

Partners involved: Mosaic (demo leader), TMB, BusUp, Social Car

The two use-cases of the demo are:


Same starting point, different destination

people from the same village near Barcelona will share a ride for the first mile to a nearby train station, through a private car sharing company, after which they will separate ways through various modes of transport to reach their own destination.

Different starting point, same destination

this demo is focused on people working for the same company located in a relatively remote location. Commuters are gathered in a certain station, meaning they travel the first leg of their trip individually and then utilise an on-demand bus service to get to work. The services are used vice versa for returning from work.

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